Last week members of the Network convened to discuss potential themes for the Community Project Proposal Program. This conversation was framed around the central question, “what areas should be the highest priority for SCTN in the next year?” Take a moment to review the real-time responses from the small group discussions. Themes that arose from this discussion that will be considered for the Community Project Proposal Program are listed below.


  • JEDI & Anti-Racism – Develop specific opportunities for the SCTN to develop and/or support justice-focused initiatives that advance equity and anti-racism. Some ideas in this theme included: professional development for trainers in ‘fierce facilitation’ (defending collaborative and inclusive learning, preventing harm, interrupting harassment, etc.), developing guides or resources specific for anti-racist practice and creating inclusive spaces in science communication training, among others.
  • Developing Resources – Create materials and resources to enable Network members to better find and leverage resources and each other. Ideas in this theme included creating “starter pack” materials for individuals looking to start science communication training materials in their home institutions and creating a portal that would enable members and others to find trainers who have specific expertise and/or are based in particular locations, among others.
  • Research and Practice – Collaborate with researchers to design/execute a study or series of studies that advance our training practices. This could include the development of  a common evaluation framework that trainers can use/share data and learn from

We value your input. 

If you were unable to attend the convening, we invite you to share your thoughts on potential themes that should be considered a priority for the network under the “Asynchronous Feedback and Additional Ideas” section of the discussion summary beginning on page 4. Add your ideas by September 25, 2020. 

Task Force Project Update

During the convening, a recurring theme was in the desire to complete the products proposed and scoped by the 2019 Task Forces. The SCTN will support this call by offering funding for effort and materials – complementary to, but separate from – the community project funding program to individuals to complete these projects. 

Specifically, the SCTN Weaver will work in partnership with the members of each relevant Task Force to bring some of these projects to completion. Because these projects have already begun to take shape, we intend to leverage the expertise of those who have been closely involved with their development in 2019. If no members of an appropriate Task Force are interested or able to take on a given project with the Weaver, then the SCTN will issue a call for others who may be interested in completing the project.