Connecting Science Communication Trainers to Support a Science-Engaged World


The Kavli Foundation and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Support the SciComm Trainers Network in Creating a More Inclusive and Equitable World of Science Communication


August 18, 2020: Historically, the scientific community has not consistently engaged across society in equitable and sustainable ways; yet for the scientific enterprise to continue to flourish and succeed, stronger connections with society are essential. With support from The Kavli Foundation and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), the SciComm Trainers Network will focus on increasing equity, inclusivity, efficacy and scaling in science communication training — critical challenges in the quest for a more science-engaged world. 

The Kavli Foundation and CZI are jointly funding the SciComm Trainers Network, a new network that connects the professional community of science communication trainers across the country. With $65,000 in funding from The Kavli Foundation, the Network will build programs that foster an inclusive community among science communication trainers and empower trainers to facilitate collaborative learning and collective action. 

“We have seen an increase in science communication trainers and programs through the years. It has been exciting to see the innovation and growth in this field and profession,” said Brooke Smith, The Kavli Foundation’s Director of Public Engagement with Science. “We have also seen an appetite for those who do, and who study, science communication to be more connected. Building this community can help tackle shared opportunities and challenges like scaling promising practices, co-creating curriculum and evaluation approaches with social science researchers, and importantly, ensuring there are diverse, equitable and inclusive science communication training programs.” 

Through funding from CZI, $65,000 is being used to hire a “Network Weaver.” This weaver will support all parts of Network programming, with the end goal of building fruitful connections within the science trainer community. 

“The need for clear and compelling science communication that engages diverse communities and speaks to the relevance of science in our everyday lives is more important than ever,” said Arne Bakker, CZI’s Director of Meetings and Community for Science. “The SciComm Trainers Network aims to build a thriving community of professionals committed to increasing the quality and accessibility of training for scientists, and helps science communication trainers connect, communicate and collaborate with one another. We’re excited to see this group come together.”

The SciComm Trainers Network was born out of a need for a community of science communication trainers to help foster interactions and connections across the scientific enterprise. Previously, since many trainers are geographically and/or institutionally scattered, creating community and lowering barriers for engagement was a challenge. The Network, now bolstered with the support from CZI and The Kavli Foundation, seeks to advance progress and empower science communication trainers to learn from one another.

“The SciComm Trainers Network exists to connect trainers and build meaningful connections,” said Jai Ranganathan, of the Network’s Core Team. “With this support, we’re excited to collectively strengthen our ability to support science communicators who are advancing science through equitable and inclusive engagement.”


About the SciComm Trainers Network

The Network is a professional organization for those involved with improving the communications capacity of the scientific community. We build connections between the science communication trainers in our community for the ultimate purpose of creating a more science-engaged world. The Network is a fiscally sponsored project of the nonprofit organization Institute for Learning Innovation.

About The Kavli Foundation

The Kavli Foundation is dedicated to advancing science for the benefit of humanity. The foundation’s mission is implemented through an international program of Kavli research institutes, initiatives and symposia in the fields of astrophysics and theoretical physics, nanoscience and neuroscience, as well as the biennially awarded Kavli Prize and a program in public engagement with science. Follow us at and @kavlifoundation.

About the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

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