The SciComm Trainers Network is launching a Community Project Proposal Program intended to simultaneously accomplish the following goals to generate deliverables that will advance the SCTN mission including those related to justice, equity, and anti-racism: catalyze renewed effort in support of the Network; support the SciComm training community both individually and collectively; and expand the membership of the Network. To that end, we are seeking proposals for projects that address one of the following topics:

  1. Conduct and use research on social justice, power, and related topics to inform science communication and science communication training
  2. Using inclusive and equitable practices in science communication training and facilitation that can be investigated through research 
  3. Mapping the field of science communication trainers to better understand the diversity across the landscape SciComm training. 
  4. Expanding the field of science communication training to reflect the ideals of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion as put forth in the charter of SCTN 
  5. Addressing anti-racism, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion within the science communication training field

Proposed community projects should aim to be completed within a funding range of approximately $2,000 – $10,000, though more ambitious proposals could be possible. Proposals must include a one-page project description with a project timeline, at least one deliverable, and a strong case for the project’s value to the field of science communication and science communication training. Submissions should be sent to Chloe Poston ( before 11:59 PM PT on November 2. 

Participating in this process does not guarantee that a project will be funded: our funding partners have committed to help identify and connect project teams to funding opportunities (including their own) to support effort for project team members and materials expenses. This opportunity rather creates an avenue for members of the SciComm trainers community to propose and potentially secure support for project ideas that are aligned with their individual goals as well as the collective goals of the Network.