Apply to Join the Board


From ‘Core Team’ to ‘Board’

As many of you may know, the SCTN’s first Core Team was selected at an in-person convening in October 2019. The Core Team agreed to 1-year terms, and with October 2020 approaching, it’s time to invite new voices and perspectives onto the team. This year, our Core Team has 5 members, and we anticipate a team of 5-7 in the next year as well. For continuity, two current Core Team members will remain (Elyse Aurbach and Eve Klein). This means that there are 3-5 positions open for new members. We have decided to call this team a Board, rather than a Core Team, because many people have a stronger frame of reference for nonprofit Boards than Core Teams, and we feel that this group’s responsibilities and activities align well with Boards. Note: The SCTN Board is distinct from the ILI board, and therefore does not include financial or legal obligations associated with many boards.

What will board members do?

  • Ensure that the network’s activities and transactions are, first and foremost, advancing its mission and adhering to its charter. This may include contributing to the development of network governing documents and upholding these documents. 
  • Support the Network Weaver by serving as a sounding board, providing strategic guidance, and collaborating on projects led by the Weaver (e.g., planning convenings), and being a secondary point of contact for SCTN members looking to connect with Network Leadership, as appropriate.
  • Attend regular meetings (ranging from weekly to monthly, based on Board needs).
    • Meetings will often require preparation (e.g., agenda development).
    • Between meetings, the Board executes action items from the previous meeting.
    • The estimated time commitment is 5-10 hours per month.
  • Actively seek opportunities for the SCTN to increase its value to members and impact.
  • Ensure prudent use of all assets, including facility, people, and goodwill.
  • Assisting with fundraising strategy and implementation.
  • Champion the Network externally.
  • Commit to a one-year term with the option to renew

What are the criteria for selecting new Board members? 

Candidates should have:

  • A demonstrable interest and experience with science communication training (diverse types of experiences with this broad topic are welcomed).
  • Contribute perspectives that are not well-represented on the board (e.g., background, identity, expertise, affiliation) and that do represent members of the network
  • Clearly articulated motivation for joining the Board.
  • Preferred: demonstrable interest or experience in fundraising, developing business models, managing budgets, strategic planning, network dynamics, or community building to join.

How will we select the new board?

 We welcome applications from those who have been part of the SciComm Trainers community as well as those who would like to become more active within the Network. Applications will be due on October 9.  Apply here.

Selection timeline
  • September 21-22, 2020 – Open conversations with current Core Team members
  • September 28, 2020 – Applications open for submission 
  • October 9, 2020 – Applications are due
  • October 15, 2020 – Core team will share proposed Board members for feedback from the Network 
  • October 22, 2020 – Feedback on the proposed Board members is due 
  • October 26, 2020 – New Board is Announced and begins to serve